How to use Shutter App

Virtual photography is here to stay and Shutter App is the best tool to use.

The introduction of Raw capture in Shutter App is a game-changer.

In this behind the scenes video of my collaboration with the excellent dancer Jessica ( based in Hamptons, New York; I will share the secrets that will enable you to obtain the best results from your shoots.

The first steps:

1) Make sure to enable Raw Capture. You need to take one image after accessing the app before you can toggle this on

2) Enable Focus on Click - this lets you choose the focus point

Manual Exposure

I advocate using manual exposure that is minus one or two stops for the best results. Highlights clipping is more difficult to recover than opening the shadows. However, for this set by the window I wanted to make sure the pointe shoes were well lit and recovered the shadows in Lightroom.

Natural Light is Best

These images with Jessica, Carlee Wood and Haruka Sato illustrate how well natural light photography works.

Indoor Light

These images with Shelley Eva Haden were created deep inside the Staatsoper Berlin. Although we worked with artificial light, Shelley’s brilliant movement and costume by Not A Studio resulted in fantastic images.

Using Format